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Home Repair

Owning a home is scary. You never know when something is going to stop working or, worse, endanger your loved ones. 

Our residential electricians take the worry and stress out of home maintenance and repairs. Each technician has years of experience. Our repairs are high quality, ensuring your home lasts throughout the generations. 

We text you reminders of your appointments, send you pictures of the technician arriving at your appointment, and work as efficiently as possible to get you the electrical home repairs  you need.

Panel Repair

The Valley has a lot of old and out-lawed panels in place. When they stop working, it can be disastrous. Whatever the condition, however, we come in and replace your panel with a new, Code compliant upgrade.

That washing machine hasn't worked in years! Thank you! 


Our Major repair Process

Call Us

When something is wrong or you need something replaced, give us a call. Explain everything you can and text us pictures at our text number, 907-531-4328.


If we determine it's a major repair, we'll schedule an appointment with our estimator. He will assess the situation, do some light troubleshooting, and gather his notes. If he can fix it right there, he will and you'll be charged a minimum call-out fee. 


If he can't fix it, however, he and our projects manager will create your estimate. Our estimates are free and itemized. You'll have details and plenty of information. 

Approve the Work

If you have any questions, give us a call. Otherwise, when you're ready to move forward, approve the estimate. We'll schedule our electricians to perform the work.

We work M-F, 8a.m.-5p.m.


Our knowledgeable, certified, and experienced residential electricians will text you as they're leaving the shop and will fix your issue as estimated. If they discover something we couldn't see at the time of estimate, they'll let you know. 


After they've verified that everything is working correctly, we'll email you the invoice. 

All invoices are due on receipt. 

Our Troubleshooting Process

Call Us

When something is wrong or you need something replaced, give us a call. Explain everything you can and text us pictures at our text number, 907-531-4328.

Tell us device colors, the brand of panel you have, and/or lamps you need.

If you don't know what you're looking for, talk to us either by phone or text message. We're here to help. 

Troubleshoot and Repair

For most troubleshoots, we send (2) technicians. In most cases, this decreases the repair time. 

For easy repairs or replacements, we'll send (1) technician. If you're not providing the materials, be sure to text us pictures of what you need so we arrived armed with the ability to serve your needs efficiently. 


Our technicians do not handle money. When they return to the shop, the office staff will finalize your invoice and email it to you. 

Invoices are due upon receipt. Late fees will be accrued after 30 days. If you're having difficulties paying your bill, remember, we do offer financing. It's easy and affordable.  

Helping our neighbors, friends, and Alaska family is something we take great pride in. 

Lighting, Security, and Docks

Replacing and installing new exterior lighting and security cameras doesn't need to be challenging, but it should be done in the summer. Ladders and ice don't play well together. 

Small Repairs and Replacements

A troubleshoot call can include replacing a small light fixture or a receptacle. We also care about your home and have ways to protect your surfaces. 

We even clean up after ourselves when we're done.