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This winter hasn’t just been taxing on Alaskans. We felt it hit us hard, but we feel every shift in the political and weather-related wind a little harder due to the way we survive. There are reasons we’re tougher and more resilient up here. We have to be.

So, it might come as a bit of a surprise to Alaskans as a whole to know that we aren’t the only ones buying out the entire supply of 14KW generators. This winter, storms knocked out power all over the nation, forcing a lot of people to figure out how to power up their homes when the grid went down.

Generators Are In NO Supply

A month ago, we were able to find generators. Not a ton of them, but we were able to find some. Yesterday, I searched for a 14KW generator for a client and discovered to my amazement that they are out everywhere.

They’re not on Marketplace, Ebay, Generac, Cummins, Home Depot, Lowes, or even Amazon. The supply has disappeared.

What’s the Solution?

Generator manufacturers are still working to build generators. That hasn’t stopped. What we’ve discovered is that the supply channels aren’t enough to meet the current demand. We have customers who have had generators on order for a year and the date keeps getting pushed back. I have to make one of those calls after I finish this news update.

However, Generac, one of the leading generator manufacturers of home portable generators, opened a new factory in South Carolina in October, 2021 to increase productivity to meet the demand.  They’re still working to get up and running, but the supply will increase.

Should I Wait To Get My Transfer Switch Installed?

You shouldn’t wait to get a transfer switch put in place on your home simply because you can’t order a new generator right now. I’m not saying that because we need the business or that I want to take your money. I love taking money.  Don’t get me wrong. However, manual transfer switches can be installed at any time. They add immediate equity to your home.

If the power goes out after your transfer switch is installed, you can borrow a generator from a friend, or you can rent a generator from an equipment rental dealer. We recommend Alaska Pacific Rental!

Transfer Switch Supply Issues

We have a similar supply and demand issue with the transfer switches. So, getting those ordered now gives us the time to buy the transfer switch at a reasonable price. We can order those from just about anywhere and get them quickly, but we do that by paying $1,330 or more for that switch.

We don’t like doing that. That price jumped from $600 to $1300 in a month due to demand. So, we watch the supply and get that same switch at a much better rate by keeping a watchful eye on prices and availability. Right now, we’re still able to do that if you’re willing to wait.


Ordering your transfer switch service today doesn’t mean you’ll get that transfer switch right away, but you will be ready when your generator does arrive. The supply is coming.

Contact us today!

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