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There are a lot of articles on the internet about adding value or equity to your home by upgrading or remodeling your home. But some of those things don’t work for Alaska, like pools. That is definitely not an Alaskan summer upgrade.

We’re unique in the fact that we have to be more self-reliant. The upgrades we need involve helping us provide food on the table and creating a sustainable living environment. So, some of these aren’t what you’d see in other states. Let’s delve into each of the summer upgrades we’re most excited about and then we’ll delve into each one in greater detail.

Ceiling Fans

We said it once and we’re going to say it again. Ceiling fans are going to be this summer’s hottest trend home upgrade. Summer’s coming early to Alaska and the Mat-Su Valley, and when that happens, it heralds a very hot summer. Adding a ceiling fan to key rooms in your home is going to help keep your home cooled tremendously.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Winters aren’t the only time when we lose our power in Alaska. Depending on where you live, you’ll also lose power when the wind blows and knocks trees down, or during big storms that wash out areas where your power lines run. Each time the power drops and is brought back on, power surges attack your home. It shortens the life of your panel, your appliances, and your computers, TVs, and other electronics. Whole home surge protection is easy and affordable, and I think we’re going to see a lot more people investing in this home equity upgrade.  


Greenhouses and summertime gardening are big deals in Alaska. We’re not guaranteed that we’ll have access to the fruits and vegetables throughout the year or through the growing season, and we’re not guaranteed we can afford them when they do show up. One of the cost-saving investments we can make is to add a greenhouse to our homes or properties, or to add heat and lighting to existing greenhouses. They do add value to Alaskan homes as long as they are good quality and are maintained.

Chicken Coops

You may not know it, but chickens are a big deal in Alaska. They’re relatively cheap, help with our food waste composting, feed our gardens, and they provide eggs and meat to a house and community. During the summer, they’re easy to take care of, but in the winter, they need heat and light. Summer is a great time to think about adding electricity to your chicken coop in order to make your long winters easier.

Outdoor Living/Recreational Areas

In Alaska, we love being outdoors almost more than we enjoy being inside. So, it’s time get creative with your outdoor living spaces. Gazebos, firepits, outdoor kitchen areas, and holiday lighting are just a few things we’re excited about when it comes to adding onto the curb appeal of our homes.

Updating Devices to Decora Styles

Do you know how much value is brought to you home by upgrading your devices from old-style outlets and toggle switches, to newer grounding, tamper resistant outlets and rocker LED-rated switches? We do! And it’s an easy upgrade to do for your whole house.

Get The Help You Need

These are just a few of the best home electrical upgrades that we’re excited about this summer! Tell us which ones excite you the most.

You don’t have to wait for the snow to melt before calling us to help you with your electrical installation and upgrade needs. Contact us today!

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