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I know it’s early, but spring is right around the corner. This latest snowstorm has spring written all over it. That means it’s time to get ready to work on the home improvements we’ve been waiting all winter to make.

But which ones should you do first?

Ceiling Fans

Living in Alaska, we don’t typically think about air conditioning or having to cool our houses down. But if spring is truly arriving early, it means we’ll likely have a hot summer. Last summer was temperate and relatively reasonable, but this summer looks like it might be a bit sweltering.

Ceiling fans are an easy and more cost-effective way to cool down rooms as they move the air around, making rooms feel cooler. If your fans are a bit older or if they’re non-existent, it’s time to start looking into this.

Replace Dead or Loose Outlets

With spring on the way, people are shaking off their hibernation and getting out more. That also means they’re visiting friends and relatives, and we all know that we can’t go anywhere without our electronics. We’re lost without our smart phones, tablets, gaming devices, and laptops. So, it’s important to make sure everyone has the ability to charge up in order to mitigate family gathering meltdowns.

If you have outlets that don’t work, are loose, or that have smoke marks on them, now’s a great time to get those swapped out. In most cases, the outlet is simply worn out and it simply needs replaced. That’s an easy upgrade/repair that can happen while the weather is still a little chilly.

You can even upgrade to outlets that include USB charge ports to save even more space and power-charging efficiency.

Electric Panel Upgrades

If you have upgrades planned this summer that involve adding power outdoors whether it’s outdoor lighting, holiday lighting, outdoor power outlets, chicken yard lighting and heating, or greenhouse heating and circulation to name a few things, it’s a good idea to have your panel checked out by a qualified electrician.

When our homes were originally built, there wasn’t as much need for power in the home. We built what we could with what we had or needed at the time. But there are more and more innovations that we can add to our homes that add equity and comfort that require more than our original panels were designed to provide.

Just having “space” in your panel isn’t an indication that your panel can take the additional load. Here are a few signs that you’ve got overloaded circuits or panels:

  • Your lights are dimming when you turn on another appliance.
  • Your outlets and switches are buzzing.
  • You’ve got wall plates that are warm or hot to the touch.
  • You’ve got smoke or scorch marks on your outlets or wall plates.
  • You’re smelling something hot or burning.
  • Your power tools or appliances seem to be not working as efficiently when they’re plugged in.

Overloading your panel and circuits can be a safety issue for you home, so it’s something to be aware of. If you have any questions about whether your future planned improvements will work with the panel you have, be sure to have a qualified electrician come out to inspect your panel. An inspection is easy and having that peace of mind is priceless.

Get The Help You Need

If you would like to have an All Phase Electric certified electrician help you with your upgrades, be sure to give us a call at 907-376-1200, or you can text us at 833-221-3150.

Why choose All Phase Electric for your certified electrician residential electrical upgrades and installs?

  • Over 134 cumulative years’ experience of residential electrical installations
  • Up-front pricing. If you text your information and pictures to Frankie at 833-221-3150, she can provide you an estimate over the phone.
  • Fully trained and insured technicians.
  • Lifetime guarantee on All Phase Electric installation work.

You don’t have to wait for the snow to melt before calling us to help you with your electrical installation and upgrade needs. Contact us today!

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